Frightening School Stories!

Places are full of stories some are happy ones and others are just shivering but in this case, we are going to talk about the shivering frightening ones. Keep on reading and find out what happened in this places. From ghost sightings to other horror stories, this top list of truly scary stories in haunted high schools will make you shiver!

El Paso High School
When it comes to the scariest school in America, El Paso High School has them all beat. Its ghost stories range from sealed-off hallways full of mist and strange goo dripping from the ceiling to hidden classrooms beneath the building no one knew existed. However, nothing compares to the photo of the graduating class of 1985. While the woman in the center is certainly blurry, there is no doubt she is there. Or so you think. According to former students, there was no one standing there when the picture was taken, nor can the female in question be identified. Some believe the apparition to be a young girl who had taken her own life years before by jumping from a balcony connected to the misty hallway. Others have seen the very same ghostly figure jump from the balcony, disappearing before hitting the ground each time. Any way you slice it, El Paso High School takes spine-tingling to frightening new heights.

Corriher-Lipe Middle School
Corriher-Lipe Middle School is located in Landis, North Carolina and is one of the schools on the United States’ East Coast to be reportedly haunted. As a result, it is home to one of the scariest stories ever told.
The creepy story goes that in the 1940s, a janitor by the name of Larry in a boiler-room explosion. For many years following this tragic incident, many witnesses have heard his spirit roaming the halls, keys clanking and heavy footsteps thudding on the school’s floors. In addition to the janitor’s restless spirit stuck in the middle school, there are also stories of children’s voices and cries echoing in the hallways. Children and teachers who have been in the school at night have had similar experiences with these sounds…and they have all left feeling pretty scared. Some even claim to have seen ghostly apparitions darting between lockers. There are no solid theories as to why there seem to be children spirits residing in the Middle School…only the lonely story of Larry the Janitor. One of the scariest parts of this story is that Larry’s footsteps can still be heard at the school to this day.

University of Tampa
The University of Tampa is situated in downtown Tampa, Florida and was first established as the Tampa Bay Hotel in the year 1891. The sightings and paranormal occurrences here have not been formally investigated or documented yet, but many people who have worked or studied in the University have experienced paranormal activity.
Perhaps one of the most told ghost stories of UT is that of the “Brown Man”. The Brown Man has been seen at least twice by different people, usually close to the Plant Museum of the University. He is also always dressed in a three-piece brown suit, seemingly from another time period. One girl who came upon the Brown Man was visiting the school with her father when she walked up the stairs to the second floor and saw the Brown Man standing on the third floor close to the staircase. She called out to him to see if he needed help, but he turned towards her and stared at her with what seemed to be a set of glowing red eyes. The girl bolted down the stairs and searched for her father. It was 5:30 am in the morning…and she had no idea what she had just encountered until someone explained to her that the figure she encountered was probably the Brown Man that haunts that area of UT. Others have had similar experiences with sightings of this Brown-suited apparition.

Cathedral High School
Facing your fears is considered the best way to overcome them, but Cathedral High School may take that advice a step too far. Embracing the fact that the premises were built on the remains of the Old Calvary Cemetery, headstones which have been dug up during renovations through the years are prominently displayed around the school football field. To add insult to injury, the school mascot is the Phantoms in honor of the land’s heritage. While students and teachers consider all of this to be a point of pride and rarely even entertain the notion that the school might be haunted, maintenance workers don’t share their sentiments. They claim that along with seeing and hearing the spirits of those who lived there, they literally feel their presence at night, often accompanied by cold spots throughout the property. This is the last place I would ever want to do maintenance work!

Lambertville High School
Across the Delaware River, directly adjacent to Pennsylvania is the little town of Lambertville, New Jersey.

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