What are The Most Strange Disappearances in History?

Top most mysterious, unexplained disappearances in history. These missing people vanished and were never seen or heard from again, despite some strange and bizarre discoveries. To this day, these crazy, creepy mysteries remain unsolved! Were they kidnapped? What has gone wrong? One of those strange disappearances was from Mr. DB Cooper a man who after getting the money he needed from an airplane assault parachuted into the night and no one knows what happened to him ever after, this case is still open.

You know what´s really weird? People who vanish without a trace FOR EVER.  “What the heck happened”?

DB Cooper
To this day, no one knows his real name but on Nov. 24, 1971, everyone was talking about the mysterious man who called himself Dan Cooper. Cooper was able to hijack a Northwest Airlines Flight and its 36 passengers and escape without being caught.
(shhh) Ok here’s what happened. That afternoon he purchased a one-way ticket from Portland, Oregon to Seattle, Washington. He boarded Northwest Airlines Flight 305, a Boeing 727, carrying a briefcase and wearing a suit with a black overcoat. He took a seat in the rear of the plane and later lit a cigarette and ordered a drink from the flight attendant. (Back in the day when you could smoke on an airplane.) After paying for his drink, Cooper passed a note to the flight attendant saying he had a bomb in his briefcase which he later showed to her. He wanted $200,000 in twenty dollar bills and two parachutes upon landing in Seattle. He put on his sunglasses and remained cool and collected.
Once on the ground in Seattle, the FBI provided the ransom money after documenting and taking pictures of each bill. They gave Cooper the parachutes and the money. Once his demands were met, Cooper released all of the passengers and flight attendants but kept the flight crew. He told them to fly toward Mexico City at 200 miles per hour at an altitude of 10,000 feet. Cooper clearly had a plan, although nobody realized it until it was too late. He told everyone to stay in the cockpit with the door closed. During that time the rear staircase indicator light came on in the cockpit and with two parachutes and twenty-one pounds of ransom money, Dan Cooper parachuted into the night.
The FBI recreated the conditions of the jump and placed his landing in the area around Lake Merwin near Ariel, Washington. The FBI with help from state and local law enforcement, the U.S. Air Force and the National Guard began to search the woods in the area of the supposed landing site of Dan Cooper. The searches, eyewitness questioning, suspect list and a trace of the numbered bills used to pay the ransom, failed to yield any leads at all. To this day the hijacking of Flight 305 by Dan Cooper remains an open case. Who was DB Cooper? Did he live happily ever after with his money? Where is the money? Did he die in the fall? Did he lose the money and go back home pretending he’d been in a car accident? Again, what the heck happened???

Louis Le Prince
The man that should have gone down in history as one of the greatest inventors of all time and the founder of Cinematography vanished mysteriously after boarding a train in 1890. He created a 16-lens camera and 2 years later shot moving scenes on paper film – which sounds like a movie to me – several years before Tomas Edison and Louis Lumiere. You’ve heard of them I suppose….Before he could patent his work in the US and display his invention in New York, he went to France for a quick visit with his brother. On September 16, 1890, Le Prince boarded a train to Paris. When the train arrived at its destination, Le Prince and his luggage were gone. Right out of an Agatha Christie book!!! The windows were tightly closed and no one saw Le Prince outside his cabin. Despite intensive search efforts by the police and his family nothing conclusive was ever found on the train or along the railway. There are several theories as to his disappearance. One, that he was murdered by someone interested in patenting his work. As the case is, Le Prince had invented the moving picture camera, but because he was never able to patent it, Tomas Edison then claimed to have invented the camera a couple of years later. Hmmmmm…..slightly suspicious. That’s why we credit Edison with so many inventions instead of Le Prince. History is not very nice to those who vanish (and don’t patent their work). Le Prince’s family went to court and strongly suspected foul play although nothing was ever proven.