New Social Development Tools Enabled by Satellites and Space Research

There is an international agreement that explains how all related to space discovery is and should be used for the benefit of all human kind. If you mix this new sustainable development goals of the UN, you find that the research and innovation in aerospace can be used to address humanity’s biggest challenges.

Sustainable Development Goals
Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are 17 global goals set by the UN.  These include solving issues related to povertyhungerhealtheducationclimate changegender equalitywater,sanitationenergyenvironment and social justice.

These are examples of   how space science helps achieve goals of humanity


  1. Satellite Communication: Disaster Recovery, Biological Global Tracking for Preservation and Famine Management.
  2. Ergonomic for Extreme Circumstances, can be translated for better ergonomic in “terrestrial” experiences.
  3. The objective Global Sharing of Science Development allows for new opportunities for women.

Millenials: If You Were Born After 1984 You Have To Read This!

As the crowd watched the handsome intellectual and the equally interesting interviewer, they never suspected the initial insult would become eloquent, enticing and flattering series of elevator sales pitches disguised as an empathetic piece of advice. Never the less, it worked, and regardless of the agenda, the advice was true: Millenials are people born on 1984 and after, they are considered to be tough people to manage. Others have cataloged them as narcissistic, self-ínterested and lazy! What millennials want in a job is a place with free food, bean bags and a place with a purpose, even though with all those things satisfied they are still not happy at all.

Some of the elements that affect their attitude come from:

Parenting: Some of them were grown up in houses with failed parenting strategies, this means that they were spoiled kids that had everything they wanted and were always told to be special with no special reason. The impact of adults grown under this style comes to the point that when they work and they are not rewarded they ends up being low self-esteem workers.

Technology: Millenials are experts showing life is fantastic and they have the best life ever even though they are depressed they publish pictures on Facebook, Instagram, and all social networks. They sound so secure when they give advice but the thing is that they have no idea how things are. Cellphones and social media are addictive, everyone feels good to have messages and dopamine is released in this process so the feeling fantastic comes.

Many kids and teenagers admit having friendships that are superficial, they can have fun with them but they can not trust them. They end up giving their time to social media and studies have revealed that people that give their time to social media are more susceptible to suffering depression.

Impatience: The millennials have no need to go and spend time buying a movie ticket they just go and log on and watch it. They do not even go to the store they just order something on Amazon and the next day it arrives. Impatient people that is what they are turning themselves into.

Watch this fantastic video Simon Sinek speech, millennials and what is happening with them in actual days…


Human Psychological Development

A human’s psychosocial development from baby to adulthood is the result of physical characteristics and environmental ones; their beliefs, attitudes and the way they act. In other words, not just determined by the genetics but also from nurture. Nurture means how and where you were raised, the people, things and all in your external stimulus as part of your childhood and how this impacts who you are. Personality develops through socialization we have to interact with other humans in order to gain skills and be humans!

Different psychologists created various ways of observing human conduct and created different, mostly mutually inclusive theories that divided psychological development into parts and stages, given the abstract physical-mental mix that defines our own self-observation, Psychology and Sociology (And Económics and Marketing for that matter) are subjects that aren’t totally biological and physical, not totally humanistic either, in other words not limited to the intelligible but non-physical world of the mind, a wonderful dichotomy that projects the true inquisitorial nature of our ever searching nature. This great video from the Crash Course Project by my favorite Green Brothers and in this case, a beautiful and funny friendly geeky chick gives us a tour across “The Role of Nature and Nurture”, The Evils of Social Isolation, and 5 theories of development: Freud’s Psychodynamic theory, Piaget’s Four Stages of Cognitive Development, Kohlberg and Gilligangs Theories of Moral Development, MEads Theory of Self, Erik Erikson’s Stages of Life,