Nintendo´s False Facts We Always Thought Were True

You think you know Nintendo, but you don’t. Oh, sure, maybe you can rattle off the names of all of the Koopa Kids. Maybe you’ve got a shiny Mewtwo in your Pokédex, and maybe you can finish Ocarina of Time’s Water Temple with your eyes closed. But that doesn’t mean you know everything. Some of the most popular, well-known bits of Nintendo trivia aren’t accurate. Here are some of the false facts about Nintendo you always thought were true…

Mario’s original name was Jumpman | 0:24
Donkey Kong is a mistranslation of “Monkey Kong” | 1:39
The NES was Nintendo’s first home console | 2:51
Blowing into NES cartridges makes them work better | 4:29
Justin Bailey worked on Metroid | 6:04
Nintendo developed the Power Glove | 8:15
Yoshi is a dude | 9:14