Was Jim’s Enlightenment Just Media Bait for New Netflix Over-The-Top Documentary?

So, was it all fake? Did Jim Carrey go on an attention seeking mediatic rampage to set the stage for new Netflix documentary about his over-the-top involvement in the making of the film about an over-the-top comedian? Try saying that 10 times fast.  “Man on the Moon” remember? This is the movie where Jim stars in the biopic about the 70’s comedic icon Andy Kaufman. The guy was so eerie you just could not stop staring, and in the 90’s, Jim played the part to the point of international praise.  Was Jim really getting all “high on the existential nihilism of modern quantum physics” or is this mediatic genius setting the stage for his brand new Netflix biopic about his great role in the Kaufman biopic? Just look at some of Jim’s more WTF moments:

So, well, Netflix is Hollywoodizing the making of the man on the moon, so this is what Netflix says about Jim:

Now, thanks to Jim’s re-entry into the attention of mass media, it’s really tempting to look at the original footage, and if you do, then I’m sure you be driven to watch the original Andy Kaufman recordings as well, although I’d recommend you skip down to the last video first ( Pure 100% Kaufman Mind Farts).

So here is some real Bizarro a;’la Kaufman:


What are the Top 10 Most Anticipated TV Shows of 2017?

Check out here the Top 10 Most Anticipated TV Shows of 2017!

These are the top 10 must watch shows of 2017. With a whole new year comes new seasons of shows to keep an eye on and between Netflix, HBO, Showtime, AMC and every other network out there, it was pretty hard to choose the 10 upcoming shows for 2017. Superhero TV shows like Legion and The Defenders are definitely on a lot of people’s radars, and shows like American Gods are bound to make big waves. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the top 10 most anticipated shows of 2017.

Watch here the count down our picks for the top 10 most anticipated shows of 2017!

00:43 #10. “Legion” (2017)
01:55 #9. “Bill Nye Saves the World” (2017)
02:58 #8. “Gypsy” (2017)
04:00 #7. “Riverdale” (2017)
04:58 #6. “Guerrilla” (2017)
05:48 #5. “American Gods” (2017)
07:01 #4. “The Defenders” (2017)
07:57 #3, #2 & #1: ????


What are the Top 10 Most Anticipated Netflix Original Series of 2017?

Top 10 Most Anticipated Netflix Originals of 2017 are here! – These are Netflix’s most anticipated original series of 2017. Netflix raised their original programming budget this year, and with that comes not only new series like Bull Nye’s new show and new Dave Chappelle

These are Netflix’s most anticipated original series of 2017. Netflix raised their original programming budget this year, and with that comes not only new series like Bull Nye’s new show and new Dave Chappelle stand-up comedy but returning seasons of some of the biggest shows, like the extremely ambitious series “The Crown”. Of course, the superhero crossover series “The Defenders” comes out this year alongside a lot more to look forward to in 2017.

Check out as we count down our picks for the top 10 upcoming Netflix shows of 2017.

00:48 #10. “Bill Nye Saves the World” (2017-)
01:35 #9. “The Crown” Season 2 (2016-)
02:33 #8. “The Get Down” Season 2 Part 2 (2016-)
03:30 #7. “Wet Hot American Summer Ten Years Later” (2017-)
03:58 #6. “Master of None” Season (2015-)
05:33 #5. Dave Chappelle’s New Standup Shows (2017)
06:33 #4. “Marvel’s The Defenders” Season 1 (2017-)
06:58 #3, #2 & #1: ????


Watch the video below for more!

Beyond The Reasons: What is “13 Reasons Why” about?

If you are wondering what is the new popular Netflix series “13 Reasons Why” check out “Beyond the Reasons”.

The 13 Reasons Why cast, producers, and mental health professionals discuss scenes dealing with difficult issues, including bullying, depression and sexual assault.

If you haven’t seen the series, this will give you a hint on what to expect, and if you have, you might want to know a little bit more about Hannah Baker‘s story on the adaptation of Jay Asher’s book.

Check it out!

GLOW Series Official Trailer HD Netflix

Guts, glitter, glory… Are you ready to GLOW?

Glow created by Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch is a new upcoming American comedy drama television series. Inspired by the short-lived but beloved show from the 80s, GLOW tells the fictional story of Ruth Wilder (Alison Brie), an out-of-work, struggling actress in 1980s Los Angeles who finds one last chance for stardom when she’s thrust into the glitter and spandex world of women’s wrestling. In addition to working with 12 Hollywood misfits, Ruth also has to compete with Debbie Eagan (Betty Gilpin), a former soap actress who left the business to have a baby, only to be sucked back into work when her picture perfect life turns out not to be what it seems. At the wheel is Sam Sylvia (Marc Maron), a washed-up, B-movie director who now must lead this group of women on the journey to wrestling super stardom.

GLOW is executive produced by Liz Flahive (Homeland, Nurse Jackie), Carly Mensch (Orange is the New Black, Nurse Jackie), Jenji Kohan (Orange is the New Black, Weeds) and Tara Herrmann (Orange is the New Black).

Check out this first season to be released on Netflix June 23, 2017!


When is the offical release of “Marvel’s The Defenders” Netflix new series ?

The upcoming Netflix series Marvel’s The Defenders follows Daredevil (Charlie Cox), Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter), Luke Cage (Mike Colter) and Iron Fist (Finn Jones).
A quartet of singular heroes with one common goal – to save New York City. This is the story of four solitary figures, burdened with their own personal challenges, who realize they just might be stronger when teamed together.

The Netflix original series official global release date is on August 18, 2017.

Check out here the trailer of Netflix new series “Marvel’s The Defenders


15 Best Netflix Shows in 2017

“…Netflix’s introduction of show after awesome show in 2016 left TV watchers hardly able to catch their breaths, and it doesn’t look like Netflix is going to slow down in 2017. With a miles-long list of series to binge-watch in the coming months, here are the Netflix shows that will blow everyone away in 2017…”

  1. Frontier | 0:23
  2. Santa Clarita Diet | 1:17
  3. Mindhunter | 1:45
  4. Marvel’s Iron Fist | 2:15
  5. Marvel’s The Defenders | 2:59
  6. Bill Nye Saves the World | 3:36
  7. Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later | 4:24
  8. Friends from College | 5:07
  9. Dark | 5:30
  10. Big Mouth | 6:02
  11. Girlboss | 6:27
  12. Ozark | 6:55
  13. Stranger Things 2 | 7:22
  14. Dear White People | 8:06
  15. El Chapo | 8:33