How Do Bees Can See the Invisible?

“The survival of a bee colony depends on the bee’s ability to find flowers containing food. The bright color and sweet aroma of certain flowers act as natural attractants for bees. Bees use a combination of eyesight and sense of smell to identify flowers with the pollen and nectar they need to survive.

Bees are able to see blue, green and violet. They also have the unique capacity to see ultraviolet light patterns, which are invisible to the human eye. Bees use the color patterns found in the petals of flowers and the ultra violet light to determine the presence of both pollen and nectar. If the ultraviolet light is not present, bees become disinterested in searching for flowers.”

Anyway, spring is in the air!! We’re all thawing out from winter’s chill, and for bees and flowers, this season is about one thing: Feeding and fertilizing. Bees are amazing social insects, and their relationship with flowers is one of nature’s coolest examples of “mutualism”.