What are The TOP Secret Fortified Locations on Earth?

Powerful organizations have created their own micronations around the world. Cases are like HavenCo Data Center a super secure data fortress located in Sealand and it is one of the most notorious of its time. This is just only one of them, keep on reading and find out the different micro nations that exist.

Havenco Data Center
The HavenCo Data Center is a hypersecure data fortress and data hosting services company that operates from Sealand, the world’s smallest and most notorious micronation. Sealand is a self-declared sovereign principality that was founded by a former British Army Major named Roy Bates. The nation is located in a man-made former WWII anti-aircraft platform, 6 miles off the coast of Suffolk, England.
In 1967 Roy Bates launched an unlicensed pirate radio station after leaving the Army and bought the platform. He and his wife Joan, decided to declare themselves the royal family of Sealand and made their own flag, currency, stamps, and passports, and even a national anthem. (You can buy a royal title for about 200 British Pounds, for those of you that are interested).
Maybe even more interesting than the company itself is the history of this “island”. In 1978 Alexander Achenbach who says he is the Prime Minister of Sealand hired people to invade Sealand while Bates and his wife were in England. They attacked the platform with speedboats and helicopters and took their son Michael. However, Michael was able take back the island and ended up holding Achenbach. A diplomat from Germany had to come and negotiate his release. So, don’t mess with these people.
HavenCo offered unprecedented protection for its clients information, so basically people could store whatever they wanted there. In 2008 the company closed without explanation, probably because of a dispute between the investors and the Royal Family.

Granite Mountain Records Vault
Granite Mountain is home to The Mormon Church Secret Vault located in a mass of solid rock near Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah.
It is located 600 feet on the side of the canyon and feature a dry, temperature controlled facility used for long term record storage, offices and shipping and receiving docks that allow access to the vault.
The vault contains over 2.4 million rolls of microfilm containing the genealogy and family history records of many Americans. This would equal about 3 billion pages of family records. If you have used a genealogy website to research your ancestors, chances are those original documents are held in this vault.
Tours are given on the front of the vaults but much of it is off limits.It’s almost impossible to find a picture of the inside so we’ll just show you this.
This facility could withstand a nuclear blast and there is access to underground water that could help people survive if there were ever any kind of catastrophe. It makes people wonder, why is the Mormon Church collecting everyone’s family documents?

Vatican Apostolic Library
Also known as the Vatican Secret Archives they are buried deep within the walls of Vatican City, and mostly underground. The library houses the immense history of the acts of the Holy See, along with historic documents, state papers, papal account books, and other official correspondence, including Henry VIII’s request for a marriage annulment, documents from Galileo’s trial, letters from Mary Queen of Scots, and letters from Michelangelo complaining about late payment for his work. There are about 52 miles of shelving inside.The truth is that they aren’t really that secret anymore since scholars and theologians are allowed to enter, but for the rest of us, they’ll probably remain a mystery. Even so, only about 1,000 legitimate researchers are allowed to enter each year and they must be accompanied by at least 2 guards and a priest. And you can only take a pencil and paper with you. Nothing else.

The Queen’s bedroom
You can’t just go wherever you want, especially not the Queen’s bedroom! You can imagine that the Queen’s bedroom is one of the most private and protected places on earth. The bedroom is buried within Buckingham palace and heavily guarded. Especially after this incident.
In 1982, a man named Michael Fagan broke into her bedroom.