Untold History of Covert Government WWI-IRAQ, DARPA´s Artificial Mammalian Brain, Bin-laden Bob Lassar & Fake Roswell Aliens – A great podcast with Annie Jacobesen and Joe Rogan

From the very little one can gather from a 3 hour conversation, Annie Jacobsen is an awesome Journalist with a crazy “professional” obsession with the dark and untold, while also an almost morbid fascination with truth. Obviously this is not uncommon and this is her books are so tempting.

Perhaps, before we go to the books, you might enjoy Joe Rogan Experience #1299 – Annie Jacobsen , Joe Rogan who has a superb podcast.

Annie Jacobesen BIO

ANNIE JACOBSEN is a former Los Angeles Times journalist, bestselling author, and 2016 Pulitzer Prize finalist in history. Her nonfiction books are AREA 51, OPERATION PAPERCLIP, THE PENTAGON’S BRAIN, and PHENOMENA. She also writes television.

Jacobsen went to Princeton University where she was taught writing by Joyce Carol Oates and Paul Auster, studied Greek, and served as Captain of the Princeton Women’s Varsity Ice Hockey Team. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband Kevin and their two sons.

– IMDb Mini Biography By: Annie Jacobsen


What Creepy Things are Found in The Ice?

Mysterious things found frozen in ice! Strange and scary things can be found under the ice sheets, from a virus to an ancient puppy….. interesting huh? The doubt remains how did these things get there?

A Virus
This one might probably be the scariest of them all. Imagine you are a scientist and someone is like here, take a look at this strange organism that we found frozen in the ice. Upon examining it, you find that it’s actually a virus that could wipe out millions!
Well, this actually happened a few years ago when a virus known as Pithovirus Sibericum was harvested from permafrost in Siberia. The last time this virus infected anyone was 30,000 years ago. It is the largest virus ever found and is 50% larger than the second largest virus. When the samples were exposed to amoebas, the amoebas started passing away.
Some say that this virus is a real threat, but don’t panic! Most scientists say that it is harmless to humans. Though they are very concerned about one thing. What happened if a virus that was believed to be gone, …or even new virus is harvested from the ice? One that IS dangerous to humans. Could the world end if a virus is found frozen in ice and reactivated? Is the ice full of well-preserved viruses just waiting to be brought back to life?
This is most likely the most frightening discovery ever found that could potentially wipe out our entire existence. No worries though…right?

It may sound like a funny word, but pingos are actually just mounds of earth-covered ice in the Arctic.
Why is it creepy then? Well, a pingo can be over 200ft tall and over 2000ft wide. Pingos are still one of the life’s mysteries. They look really strange as they freeze, thaw, freeze, thaw, and freeze again. This method causes them to form odd shapes which can look almost alien-like. Their core is made of solid, clear ice that pushes up the ground above them in huge domes. Sometimes, the ice forms a crater in the earth then melts away, leaving a hole in the earth’s surface. Many times pingos have been mistaken for all sorts of strange things.
This is especially true for a group of pingo remains found in Siberia. The site had mysteriously seen random hills appear. These hills grew over the years. And then…all of a sudden, the hills turned to craters as if the hills had been ripped away by a giant monster! This was because the ice melted, leaving holes in its place. But you can imagine the horror of your favorite hill turning into a hole from one day to the next. Some believed it was aliens, others thought it was a methane hydrate. This is similar to a pingo, but different as it is built with methane, a different chemical compound. Either way, it’s all pretty strange if you have never seen it before!

Ancient Puppy
When you imagine creepy things found in the ice, dogs might not cross your mind.
While this may be shocking it is not necessarily a case of an animal. A scientist has uncovered the preserved remains of a 12,400-year-old-puppy in Tumut in the Sakha Republic of Russia. The now extinct Pleistocene species was found close to human activity, indicating it may have been a pet. Several puppies were actually found in the mud, but the Tumat puppy was very well preserved from nose to tail, and even still had its fur. At first, it was thought that these canines were wolves, but upon further research and examination, it was found that they were primitive domesticated dogs.
There have even been puppies found that had their bones, heart, lungs, and stomach intact. It was likely they passed in a landslide, were frozen, then preserved in the permafrost. Scientists in Moscow have performed an autopsy and are excited to study the animal’s brain which is in excellent condition. They are hoping to be able to clone the dog in the future to revive the species. That would be pretty cool to have an ancient puppy running around!