Ten Women Are On The FBI’s Most Wanted List, Check Out Why!

Since 1950, over 500 criminals have earned the dubious distinction of being named to the FBI’s top ten most wanted list, but only ten of them have been women. What did these women do that was terrible enough to make them some of our nation’s most feared fugitives from justice? Here’s a look at the only women on the FBI’s most wanted list…

Ruth Eisemann-Schier | 0:17
Marie Dean Arrington | 0:52
Susan Saxe and Katherine Power | 1:20
Donna Jean Willmott | 1:55
Shauntay L. Henderson | 2:23
Brenda Delgado | 2:46
Shanika S. Minor | 3:15
Angela Davis | 3:47
Bernardine Dohrn | 4:23