Why Does Cosmic Evolution Matter?

The importance of cosmic evolution lies in how it changes you, because it changes your perspective on what we think reality is, at the highest dimension of our physical reality Cosmic evolutions goes from the big bang into the deep future, the importance of learning of this evolution is the same as the one that we learn from all histories. Learning about this gives a richer point of view of what we know, the perspectives, we get to live important episodes from the past if we learn from cosmic evolution. It is great to leap into an immense and interesting world that is just upon our heads. We just need to read and learn from this incredible Universe of ours!!



Important links for Cosmic Evolution:


a. https://www.cfa.harvard.edu/~ejchaisson/cosmic_evolution/docs/splash.html Really cool stuff!

b. https://archive.wilsonquarterly.com/book-reviews/cosmic-evolution-rise-complexity-in-nature