What are the Underworld movies about?

Here we explain what are the Underworld Franchise movies about, this terribly cruel critic is as funny as it is hurtful but awfully accurate.

Underworld, the little-loved but bizarrely successful franchise, explained:

“Wait, you may ask, there are five of these movies? Yes, the Underworld franchise, too, appears to be immortal, or at least more difficult to kill than you might expect. Although the series is liked in some quarters, it tends to receive low marks from critics, and it’s unusual to find anyone who is passionate about its characters and lore outside of a small circle of devotees. That this low-budget, low-concept franchise has lasted so long (the first film was released in 2003) without the sort of rabid fandom that tends to power other long-lived series is perhaps its greatest triumph. It is the rarest of creatures in Hollywood: a profitable franchise that no one really loves.”