Unconventional U.S. Based Summer Vacations Recommendations.

I like to plan ahead, so I usually do my research before I decide what to do and where to go, and I also do a little more planning and youtube researching when I have already decided where to go. Not everyone does this, so let’s just say I did the research for you. Here are some of the places where you can enjoy on summer. Of course there are great traditional spots to go and experience the “Great American Summer Vacation” like Miami or Hawaii. But this list is for the curious mind, that needs something outside what TV taught us. here we go:

The Big City, a Summer Vacation Spot?!
If you are not one of those people that like to go hiking, biking, skiing, or beach partying, you are not alone. This might be your best summer travel option:

  • New York City as a summer destination: It just the best choice you have if you like to spend time in the city. This is a list of things to do in NYC on Summer:
    • Magical Boutiques
    • Legendary Bakeries
    • Amazing Coffee shops
    • Historic Broadway Shows
    • Bucket list Art museums
    • Best in the word, five star, restaurants
    • And you can´t leave with out visiting Central Park

  • Boston is one of America´s most historic city, not only classic but also contemporary. You can tour around and appraise graceful mansions, historical buildings, naughty hotels and trendy restaurants. Its venue of Museums is nothing to overlook.

  • Chicago, also known as the Windy City is our last epic recommendation, ( of many, but this is not a city list, its an alternative summer vacation list) in our urban summer vacation list. Cheaper than the other two and easy to cruise with world famous public transportation, it is a great destination for the outdoor drinker, lake lovers, concerts, festivals, and its unique and modern skyline makes it the summer destination for urban designers, engineers and of course, architects. Personally one of my favorites!

Mountains as a Summer Destination

Now if what you´re looking for is to get as far as possible from any and cities, and you love hiking, look towards the mountains and feast on natures highland treasures.

  • Aspen, Colorado has a music festival, outdoor coffee shops,  and a very “Aspeni” style for most of their establishments. Aspen  makes you feel like you´re traveling is a alternate time line of Europe had there been more “Hippies” after WWII. Their farmers market and a free transportation is something to experience. Hiking trails, biking trails, fishing spots, rafting and kayaking rentals and on top of it all, it is actually cheaper to stay here during summer than during the winter. Yes! A smart choice of the outdoorsy type.

  • Jackson Hole, Wyoming has an amazing aerial tram that can take you rock climbing and hiking with the most impressive views. They have galleries for you to take a day trip to. Keep in mind that summer is a very busy time in this particular part of the world, so do not expect for a quiet vacation.

  • Park City, Utah is now more of a large resort than a town. During the summer its main street transforms into a giant open roof dining room, as the Annual Savor the Summit event is held. And to burn those delicious calories, there are wonderful options for hiking and mountain biking.
  • The weekly farmers market is an experience on itself, with a plethora of fresh produce, hand crafted souvenirs and curious creative foods. You can also find a place to go and enjoy a great picnic during a concert, as the art scene is also wonderful.

Beach as Summer Vacation
If you are like a lot of my friends, then when you think of summer you probably think of white beaches, a warm ocean and lots of sun. So ofcourse we had to ad beaches. Here is a list for you to think about your summer vacation:

  • Santa Barbara, California has an amazing downtown, there are great options for hiking. At the end of Santa Cruz Boulevard, you can find the “One Thousand Steps Beach” which is not literally one thousand steps by the way. But is a cool experience.  It probably offers the best sunset you will ever see in at “Butterfly Beach”, and if you want to go surfing then “Arroyo Burro Beach” is the place to find a wonderful community of beach goers. You can find amazing wineries, and great places to eat and shop around.

  • Gulf Shores, Alabama is not a “top of mind” beach destination and really is more of a family friendly spot after spring break parties end. You are sure to find extremely fresh seafood, and great places to sunbathe. They also have golf courses and an acclaimed water parks, a very interesting Zoo and a shopping Outlet. Also, you can have a day trip to Fort Morgan State Historic Site.

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