What are the Top 10 Rocket Launchers in Video Games?

Here are the  Top 10 Rocket Launchers in Video Games:

BOOM! Dangerous yet exciting, the rocket launchers & rpgs in video games have been a staple dating all the way back to the original Doom! But which death-candle flinging tool is the very best in all of the gaming? Laser guided, fuel rod loaded, MIRV detonating – we’ve got them all here!

Top 10 Rocket Launchers in Video Games


00:29 #10. Gjarrarhorn
01:13 #9. TriRocket Launcher
02:01 #8. Rocket Launcher
02:49 #7. MicroMissile Launcher
03:32 #6. Devastator
04:17 #5. Slayer
05:05 #4. Rocket Launcher
05:53 #3, #2 & #1: ????

Checkc out the top 3 in the video below!


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