What are the Top 10 most MIND-BLOWING Facts About Stephen Hawking?

Check out here the Top 10 MIND-BLOWING Facts about Stephen Hawking!

Stephen Hawking is considered to be one of the smartest people ever, one of the most gifted minds in history. So, it’s not surprising that these facts on Stephen Hawking, his theories, his beliefs and his achievements will blow your mind! Everything from the fact that Hawking believes in aliens, how he’s never won a Nobel Prize or even that he was a mediocre student is covered here in this brief history of time – err, of Stephen Hawking!

#10. He Believes in Aliens
#9. He’s a Pop Culture Icon
#8. He’s a Betting Man
#7. He Was a Mediocre Student
#6. He Was a Star Rower
#5. He’s British
#4. He’s a Prolific Writer, Even Though He Can’t Physically Write or Speak
#3, #2, #1. ????


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