What are the Top 10 Google Doodles or Easter Eggs?

Top 10 Google Easter Eggs You Need to See!

The best Google Easter Eggs are the cleverest Google Easter Eggs. These inside jokes, hidden messages, and games involve Google Search, Google Doodles, Google Maps and more. Whether you want to do a barrel roll, need to know the answer to life, would like to practice your piano skills or have some time to kill and some love Pac-Man, Google Easter Eggs are there to entertain and amuse. WatchMojo counts down ten of most amazing interactive features in Google Doodles.

If Easter Eggs are your thing, be sure to check out our videos on the Top 10 Video Game Easter Eggs:

00:26 #10: Soccer 2012
01:08 #9: Hodor
01:53 #8: Life, the Universe, and Everything
02:53 #7: Space
03:36 #6: Chuck Norris
04:30 #5: Askew
05:18 #4: Piano
06:08 #3, #2 & #1???


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