I´m a fan of audiobooks in general and I use audible to curate my media consumption, changing pointless “unhealthy” information consumption with “healthy” information. And the results are amazing.

¿Why Audiobooks?

While reading a book is a treat, listening to one is much more práctical because we can usually do physical activities while listening to something else. So imagine the benefits of changing the 3 daily hours I would waste randomly looking at social media streams, Netflix, or TV by 3 hours of house cleaning, walking, or commuting while listening to books that help me better manage my current challenges. Suddenly, the time spent ranting at the incivility of traffic jams turned into uninterrupted formational experiences. I sometimes spend 15 extra minutes in my parking space, just to finish listening to a chapter.

The information I consume changes my way of thinking and perceiving things, so choosing what information I will be exposed to is also a way of gaining a little more control over my life. I think it’s smarter to be the person that chooses what information I´m exposed to, because text and media are not natural, many people participate in the production of content. If I don’t choose the media I consume, some one else will choose for me. Controlling what I listen to is critical for getting some control over who I am and where I’m heading.

From about 20 or so books I´ve listened to using Audible, 4 have been particularly good for my mental, emotional, and physical health. So, because these have been truly good for me, I feel good about sharing them. *Also, to keep things transparent, I´ve linked to the amazon.com books and might get paid a few cents if you buy anything after clicking on the links.

1. The Brain Warrior´s Way by Daniel Amen MD.

I’ve lost 50 pounds and now understand the importance of healthy food and what healthy food actually is. You would be amazed at the amount of food that is not really good for you.

Reading this book has changed my life and I try to implement its lessons every day. It’s also changing my family´s life.

I’m particularly fond of this book because its written by a doctor that uses statistics on brain scans and correlates his findings to both what a person eats and how healthy they are. So, its a series of data-based health-diet insights enriched with real life experiences both of his family and his patients. I love it.

Allen Carr’s easy way to stop smoking.

It’s going to sound like a TV ad: I tried everything, I tried pain associative smoking, patches, nicotine gum, cold turkey (worked twice for about a year each time) but to no avail.

We listened to this book with my wife, on traffic, and we both quit at the same time. Something that had not happened even though we both tried to quit. I still get cravings from time to time, but most of the time I forget I even was a smoker. And when I do, I use the methods in the book to associate the trigger with a more adaptive one. I still enjoy talking to people on a corner street while they smoke, and we both smoked while reading the book. The magic happened after finishing the book.

Faster than Normal, by Peter Shankman

I was on the verge of a divorce, as stress built up, I seemed to make things worse and worse! I still have a lot of debt, but this book put my very stressful marriage into a better path of success. It made me recognize my own strengths and weaknesses and while I have not been diagnosed to have ADHD, I´m sure I do have most of its symptoms and these got worse with stress, age, and kids LOL. Reading this book was light and yet I found myself in tears of self-recognition sometimes. It was a critical and important step forward for me.

7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey

I read this once, a while ago. And now I´m reading this again. Life has become so stressful that I´ve been getting myself into trouble. Mostly because of being in the wrong mindset, but also because I feel I have more due tasks than time to do them, and it is beyond stressful, it is almost chronic anxiety.

Reading this book has helped me re-kindle my productive being. It has reconnected my reactions to myself, my goals, and to others with effective tools to become a master of adapting to circumstance. And the narrator’s voice ( on the audible version) is just phenomenal.

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