TERROR: A Face From Beyond in The Gasp Menagerie …scary enough for you?

A Face From Beyond in The Gasp Menagerie. I love it when I get tips from readers.  Nothing gets my interest like fresh evidence from you guys.  I can scour the Net for the weird and wonderful, but finding things first hand is always better.

This one comes from reader Shaun K.  I’ll let him tell the story.

A month ago my father and I were visiting my  grandfather whom I haven’t seen in years. At one point I saw an old picture of my great grandfather and I found this pretty awesome so I decided to take a picture of that picture with my brand new Samsung Galaxy S7.

A face and a great-grandfather.

In the picture of the picture you can see on the bottom left my father, in the middle the subject in question I wanted to photograph and overlapping him you can see me holding my phone. What’s fucked up is the face that you can clearly see in the middle right.

Although it’s probably a trick of the the light, it’s a pretty awesome  coincidence that it looks like a face with so much details, with depth and shadow.

A trick of the light?  Probably.  A face appearing from someplace other than our world?  Maybe.  What say you?

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