Super Hero Actors that got too Old for the Job.

For as long as Hollywood’s been making movie magic, ambitious actors and actresses have squeezed themselves into spandex hot pants, worn clunky prosthetics, and otherwise pushed themselves to the physical limits to portray some of our favorite superheroes. But after shooting wrapped, not all of those stars stayed in peak crime-fighting condition. Here are some silver-screen heroes you’d never recognize today… Many of them we could not recognize on their superhero aspect, like Liam Neeson playing on Darkman, watch the video and find put who this silver screen hero are.

  • Chris Evans | 0:21
  • Tobey Maguire | 0:51
  • Liam Neeson | 1:16
  • Michael Keaton | 1:58
  • Val Kilmer | 2:31
  • Anna Paquin | 3:03
  • Dolph Lundgren | 3:27
  • Alec Baldwin | 4:02
  • Billy Zane | 4:29