Strangest Things Found in Space! Top 10 List

Universe is inmense, we only know a small portion of it but there is still many more to learn about it. During time there have been many fascinating objects found out in the galaxy; some are terrifying things found in space, some are just the most interesting things discovered in the known universe. Whether it’s the invisible dark matter, the pillars of creation, or a planet made of DIAMOND, these are some of the most amazing things found during space exploration. WatchMojo counts down ten of the strangest things found in the known universe.

00:44 #10: A Hot Ice Planet
01:36 #9: A Diamond Planet
02:18 #8: Dark Matter
03:24 #7: Neutron Stars
04:11 #6: A Giant Water Cloud
04:54 #5: Pillars of Creation
05:33 #4: A Cold Star
06:18 #3, #2 & #1 ???