Star Wars False Facts we Always Thought Were True

Over the past four decades, Stars Wars has become a beloved institution, with fans passing their love of the franchise on to the next generation, and the next. But along the way, a lot of misconceptions about the story and characters have been inadvertently passed along as well. Here’s a look at some false facts about Star Wars you always thought were true…

Stormtroopers are terrible shots | 0:20
Luke would never join the Empire | 1:14
“Luke, I am your father” | 1:57
C-3PO was completely golden | 2:43
Boba Fett’s first appearance | 3:18
Luke’s scar | 4:12
Jedi can’t have sex | 5:19
Alderaan was not a military target | 6:02
Luke can’t fly an X-wing | 7:01
Fans always loved Leia | 8:00
Ewoks are cute and harmless | 8:42
“12 parsecs” was a mistake | 9:45