Some Marvel Comics Characters that Hollywood Just Never Got Right!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is rapidly expanding, meaning at any point they could take a fresh batch of comic characters and turn them into big screen stars. The problem is, while some of Marvel’s comic book characters are truly awesome, fitting them into the film universe might be… impossible. Here’s a look at some Marvel characters the movies will never get right…

FrankenCastle | 0:20
Nextwave | 1:00
Throg | 1:42
Manphibian | 2:09
The Beyonder | 2:34
Wiccan and Speed | 3:12
Spider-Man Noir | 3:54
Eternity | 4:25
Penance | 4:56
The Leader | 5:49
Marcus, the Werewolf Centaur Symbiote | 6:49