Jamie Foxx is an undercover cop pretending to be a dirty cop in order to smoke out corruption within his department in this unimpressive remake of a 2011 French thriller.. [browser-shot url=”” width=”700″ link=””] Sleepless. View full story at

Sleepless stinks of disrepute: generic title, mid-January release, no advance screenings. But it’s not like today’s Hollywood has a surplus of watchable B-pictures. A beat-for-beat remake of a relatively diverting French thriller called Sleepless Night, the film shifts the action from a nightclub in the Paris suburbs to a hotel casino off the Vegas strip and ramps up the sadism, but otherwise follows the same breathless, potentially nihilistic narrative. A seemingly dirty cop named Vincent (Jamie Foxx) rips off the wrong guys, who kidnap his teenage son and hold him for ransom in exchange for their missing coke, which they are supposed to deliver to a murderous crew of traffickers the same night—a dog-eat-dog situation made worse by the arrival of internal affairs investigator Bryant (Michelle Monaghan), who intends to catch Vincent red-handed. As to the question of whether Vincent is really that bad or just deep undercover in a corrupt unit, Sleepless never provides a satisfactory answer. It acts like it does, but it doesn’t. It’s too fucked up on its own implausibility. Says A.V. Club