We are one.

As the world becomes globalized, it becomes one. We need to love “Ourself”.


We are one, humanity is one big organism tied by money, social values, law, language, religions and other shared ideas. It Is composed of individuals and it is also an entity among other entities, other species as similar as fungi and as different as our close cousin, the chimpanzee. Our species belongs to a supra-organism, that is earth, and earth belongs to its own supra organism that is the solar system, part of a giant called the milky way, that could be in relation to the universe, a microscopic fraction of an atom. And in relation to the multiverse, the universe is but a strand, a string arranged in our now familiar kaleidoscopically structured golden ratio, a woven pattern in a fractal infinity. We co-exist as individuals and also as part of one grand thing. And everything in between, all based in our focus, perception and the abstractions we entertain in the mystery that is our self consciousness.

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Our brains, we seem to believe, either contains and, or connects our consciousness with this reality we call the multiverse. But, while we see infinity in all directions, from here to the ends of the multiverse, from our size, to the biggest imaginable things we are physically contained in, or from here to the “little” energy strings that compose sub atomic particles, neutrons and electrons. Those things that are constantly doing what Einstein proved: Making matter from energy. From the infinity that is time to the infinity that is possibility, our consciousness is the center. Mine is different from yours, and to be able to recognize you makes me incredibly privileged. To be recognized by the infinity that is another being, is a privilege. To be loved, a mystery.

Zoom IN

Ourself; a culture,  a neural network emulated in the world wide web, a constant dynamic of receiving and creating information in what could be the cerebellum of a future collective consciousness. A hive mind perhaps?

And yet our existential problem as a group narrows down to a binary choice: our collective madness or our collective love. We choose. We have so much to learn and explore in the micro and the macro infinite of our mysterious existence, we must prevail, for the sake of curiosity? existence?

Perhaps to think this way enables for more collaboration and less war.

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