New discoveries that change and improve our perception of History.

There are so many loop holes and some of our historian’s most famous ideas about our past are so flimsy that there are many opportunites to re-think and create new hypothesis on what happened before our current standard historic records.

Years ago mankind has made some astonishing progress and experienced some incredible events. We’ve developed writing, we’ve formed cities, we’ve come to understand our bodies, and we’ve even shot ourselves into space. But isn’t it strange that most of this progression has occurred in the last 10,000 years?

This is the current general idea of what happened in history

Infographic chart of the history of civllization
Infographic chart of the history of civllization

This chart displays the world’s language families by percentage of speakers today. As you can see, Indo-European takes the largest share, and the tree for this language family shows why. What we understand as human history only came to begin in 3,200 BC when writing was invented by the Sumerians, as this allowed us to document the wars we’ve fought, the art we’ve created and the neato swear-words we’ve come to invent.This is the Bosnian Pyramid, and carbon dating shows that it if it was constructed by humans, it may have been built over 25,000 years ago. There have been many archaeological discoveries that indicate we humans developed certain technologies earlier than we currently think; and while some of them seem to stretch the boundaries of credibility, others may actually point to the formation of civilised human settlements before human history was recorded.

Here are some really interesting examples of new discoveries that change our perception of the past.