New discoveries that change and improve our perception of History.

There are so many loop holes and some of our historian’s most famous ideas about our past are so flimsy that there are many opportunities to re-think and create new hypothesis on what happened before our current standard historic records.

Some unsettling Discoveries (Redundancy with humorist intention).

Years ago mankind has made some astonishing progress and experienced some incredible events. We’ve developed writing, we’ve formed cities, we’ve come to understand our bodies, and we’ve even shot ourselves into space. But isn’t it strange that most of this progression has occurred in the last 10,000 years?

This is the current general idea of what happened in history

Infographic chart of the history of civllization
Infographic chart of the history of civllization

This chart displays the world’s language families by percentage of speakers today. As you can see, Indo-European takes the largest share, and the tree for this language family shows why. What we understand as human history only came to begin in 3,200 BC when writing was invented by the Sumerians, as this allowed us to document the wars we’ve fought, the art we’ve created and the neato swear-words we’ve come to invent.This is the Bosnian Pyramid, and carbon dating shows that it if it was constructed by humans, it may have been built over 25,000 years ago. There have been many archaeological discoveries that indicate we humans developed certain technologies earlier than we currently think; and while some of them seem to stretch the boundaries of credibility, others may actually point to the formation of civilized human settlements before human history was recorded.

Here are some really interesting examples of new discoveries that change our perception of the past.

Some more amazing videos on recent discoveries (Some are repetitive, but worth your time. A blue pill in “The Matrix” sense of the world. 

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Some of the more misterious discoveries that change history :

Some of the even more misterios discoveries ever found are here.

From strange biblical archaeological finds to other unexplained bizarre discoveries, this top 10 list of recent ancient discoveries will amaze you!

#7 – Life On Mars Since it has been introduced,

We as a society have gotten used to the idea that Mars and probably other planets once had life on them. Although this is something we’ve come to accept to be true, did you know that there is a whole new side of Mars’ history that we didn’t even know about?

Although Mars doesn’t look like it now, NASA members have seen evidence on the planet’s surface that leads them to believe that there was once a massive ocean covering a large portion of the northern hemisphere. With that much water, they say that the planet could have been both warm and wet which is an even better breeding ground for life than previously thought.

#6 – Akrotiri On Thera

The preserved excavation site pictured here is Akrotiri on Thera, a rich ancient city that could possibly be the source of the famous Atlantis. Just like what had happened to the poor people of Pompeii, the Aegean city of Akrotiri was also coated in a thick layer of ash preserving it throughout the ages. The eruption occurred in 1620 BC and wasn’t truly discovered until the 1960s. This almost perfectly preserved city shows an abundance of wealth that include some astounding paintings depicting Bronze Age life. This discovery gave the world a whole new look and understanding of the Mediterranean sea trade as well as Minoan art.

#5 – Oracle Bone Writing

There has been a recent discovery that could mean the Chinese were among the first to discover the Americas. Scattered around the southern United States was a collection of 82 old stones that don’t look like they fit in with anything else from the surrounding native cultures. The messages on the rocks are messages written in Chinese oracle bone script. Oracle bone script is one of the oldest forms of Chinese writings known. When deciphering these messages, words describing a journey seems as though it was written by people exploring a new world. If this is true then that means that the Chinese landed in North America over 3,000 years ago.

#4 – There Are More Mayan Cities

The strange squarish platform pictured here is thought to be a huge Mayan city that was discovered by a 15-year-old named William Gadoury. This Canadian boy has a theory that Mayans chose to place their cities by following the constellations. After establishing this theory, he figured that there must be another undiscovered city in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico and judging by this picture, it looks like he may be right. The place in question hasn’t been seen in person yet but there have been curious sighting from space which is prompting an expedition.

#3 – There’s More To King Tut’s Tomb

Being lovers of ancient Egyptian history, we love the fact that there could possibly be more to King Tut’s tomb. When re-examining the chambers of the tomb with laser scans, Egyptologist Nicholas Reeves found what appeared to be not one but two additional, untouched chambers within the tomb. One of the chambers is thought to be hidden behind the wall you see in this picture. After being asked what he believed was behind door number one, Reeves said that he believes, and hopes, that it is the final resting place of Queen Nefertiti. Don’t worry, they aren’t going to just bring in a wrecking ball and smash in a wall, when they are ready to reveal what’s in the hidden tombs, they’ll most likely only drill tiny holes so they can insert cameras to look around.

#2 – The Costa Rican Spheres

If the sphere pictured here looks familiar it’s because they have been a hot topic since they’ve been seen all around Costa Rica, sitting out in the sunshine, hanging out underwater, or like the one pictured here, almost buried completely under the dirt. It turns out that these spheres were left adorning certain towns and buildings depending on the person or people’s importance or title. The process it took to actually create these near perfect stones was such a lengthy and involved one that these stone couldn’t be given to just anyone, they had to have some sort of major social standing.

#1 – Metal Books

The two ancient books you see here are actually ancient texts in the form of metal books. The collection found was a total of 70 of these tiny books that measured to be about the size of a credit card. On the pages of these books are symbols, characters, and markings that are believed to possibly unlock some of the most questioned secrets of some of the first days of Christianity. The things these books say could end up changing the way we understand the Bible. Although it appears as though some of the markings refer to a Messiah, a Crucifixion, and possibly even a Resurrection, no one has been able to understand the full context of the language written.
Every day there are new discoveries being made all around the world, but whether they’ll change the course of history is open to debate. Some findings are making researchers question what we’ve believed to be the truth, which could ultimately mean a change in all our history books, so, let’s have a look at some of them.

7 – Who built it first?

The Egyptian pyramids have left us with far more questions than concrete answers, and now we’re going to add more quandary to these immense structures, except not to the ones located in Egypt. Semir Osmanagić, an amateur archaeologist, made quite the discovery in Bosnia. He claims that people built pyramids in Bosnia and that Visočica hill is the perfect example. Leading scholars have called the theory “pseudoarchaeological” and that the perfect peak is nothing more than a natural formation. Let’s hope that with time he has more evidence to prove otherwise.

6 – Giants Roam Freely

In a totally different area, here comes another account of giants. Conquistador Pedro Cieza de Leon documented everything that took place when the Spanish first came to Peru. The book was called The Chronicles of Peru, and it contains accurate descriptions of the people, their requests and their culture. The book mentions a village built by giants, and how these giants arrived in Peru in boats made from reeds. He said the length from their knees downward was that of a fully-grown man and that they built wells that were far more advanced then the locals had ever seen. A fire was said to have wiped the giants out completely, and little evidence was left behind. Cieza de Leon would not have put untruths in his factual account of what took place at the time, so what really happened? Were their real giants? Was he mistaken? Did he come down with a strange virus that left him delirious? Let’s hope some evidence emerges that will answer all our questions.

5 – But is it real?

The story of Atlantis is not new, but now there seems to be evidence that could prove that a thriving city did exist at one point in time. Just off the coast of Gela, Sicily, diver – Cieza de Leon – made a remarkable discovery. He found 39 ingots underneath an ancient shipwreck. The ingots were made of orichalcum, which is a rare fusion of molten rocks. Orichalcum was exceptionally valuable and Plato mentioned that orichalcum was found in part of Atlantis in ancient times. Archaeologists today claim that the ingots are from a once prosperous nation, but whether that nation is Atlantis, is up to you to decide.

4 – Rock and Roll Up in the Andes Mountains are some very unusual rocks known as the Marcahuasi Ruins.

The rocks look like they have been carved by humans because they resemble human heads. One rock looks like a rough copy of the Egyptian Sphinx. Many believe it’s just random erosion, but that’s not nearly as exciting as some other theories floating around. Many like to believe they’ve been sculpted by an unknown species, and they’re investigating it thoroughly. Other, more off-the-wall ideas, include aliens and mystical healing powers, but one theory seems to stand out from the rest. There’s an idea that the rocks were constructed by a biblical civilization known as the Masma, who headed to Peru and carved these rocks into what they had witnessed in Egypt. If that’s the case, then once again, some very well-known books will need to be rewritten.

3 – Life on Mars

This is truly a question that has been asked several times over and recent discoveries could mean that scientists could finally come to some sort of agreement on the matter. It’s been discovered that there used to be an ocean that covered Mars and that the surface temperature of Mars used to be a lot higher, meaning that life on Mars was certainly possible millions of years ago.

2 – Quick bite to eat It may not be the most mind-blowing fact that will change history as we know it, but it certainly gives you a different perspective of life way back when.

When we think of fast food, we think of it as a new development, but research has proven that take-out fast food establishments have been around for a lot longer than we anticipated. The first fish and chips shops opened in Britain during the 1860s and yet we go back even further. Thermopolium’s were around in the Greco-Roman world and they served something hot for people on the go. They’re believed to be the forerunner of restaurants. They consisted of a small room that opened on to the street and sold a few speciality items like spiced wine, meats, lentils or cheese. You couldn’t sit and had to order your food to take away. They were usually frequented by slaves and shadier characters used to like to hang out there, and many were shut down for that very reason. One such establishment was discovered in Pompeii, perfectly preserved.