Logan Lucky – Summary, Review and Behind the Scenes

West Virginia family man Jimmy Logan teams up with his one-armed brother Clyde and sister Mellie to steal money from the Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina. Jimmy also recruits demolition expert Joe Bang to help them break into the track’s underground system. Complications arise when a mix-up forces the crew to pull off the heist during a popular NASCAR race while also trying to dodge a relentless FBI agent.

Logan Lucky, Steven Soderbergh’s gravity-defying, ridiculously entertaining new film, which ends a blessedly brief retirement, concerns itself with a desperate attempt to even the odds. Full review, A. O. Scott, The NYTimes

A high-spirited, low-down blast. It’s a let’s-rob-the-racetrack heist comedy set in that all-American place that even rednecks would have no problem calling redneck country. Read Full review, Owen Gleiberman, Variety

Even if it needed one last push to make it truly exceptional, there’s a lot to enjoy here. And Soderbergh once again attracts a cast it’s a pleasure to spend time with. Full review,  Andrew Lowry, Empire

Steven Soderbergh returns to the big screen after a self-imposed “retirement” with a movie that’s very much in the vein of his Ocean’s trilogy but pulpier and quirkier — and tons of fun.Full review, Jeffrey M. Anderson, Common Sense Media

Logan Lucky is an entertaining romp powered by a smart script, strong performances across the board, and great direction. Full review, Screen Rant

The whole movie is a trick, reversing our expectations at nearly every turn and casting actors in roles that they were not exactly born to play, but do so with relish. Full review, David Edelstein, Vulture

Logan Lucky is yet another of Soderbergh’s wonderful ensemble pieces, one that should stand out in the cinematic doldrums of August. Full review. David Sims, The Atlantic

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