Its narrative structure is brilliantly set in a series of humorous clichés, arranged in a way that ilucidates an insightful story.

Its not a normal tribute, but I love it because its great comedy (Paraphrasing).

A classic text book satire, witty and pushes some of the sketches to the darn right untasteful. This is one of the reasons, this hidden cult movie is relevant to anyone living in 1900s or the 2000s.

its in Frech

Directed By: John Landis Written By: Jerry Zucker, Jim Abrahams, David Zucker Release Date: Aug 10, 1977 Runtime: 90 minutes Studio: Best Film & Video Corp.

Its jokes, although almost 50 years old, are still valid today, thats what makes this film great. A great tribute to Monty Python, only in frech and later. Its one of the earliest spoof films and has a special place in satiric film history.