How To Take Notes?

The first step in honing your new study skills is to take better notes. In the learning process, we have to keep our information handy in case we forget something we can go back to it and access the information we need. The important part is that we have to put it in our own words, that way we will be sure we understand it.

You can take notes on a computer or on a piece of paper, both will work the same. Although studies at Princeton have demonstrated that students that take notes in a piece of paper write fewer words than those that use a computer, taking on account the speed advantage at typing your notes on the computer. Although the computer note taking students were able to write more, later on, recalled for less information when making a test. The advantage of the piece of paper and pen relies on the fact that you are not able to write that many notes but you tend to analyze more what are you writing down. That is really important!

Watch the video and learn more interesting facts and tips on how to be an expert at note taking.