Have you ever asked Why You Don´t Hear From Bret Michaels Anymore? Check Out Why!

When Bret Michaels and Poison announced they were going to be joining Def Leppard and Tesla on a Summer 2017 tour, it was a bit of a surprise, as Michaels has been uncharacteristically quiet in recent years. Why’s he been keeping such a low profile up to this point? Here’s a look at the real reason we don’t hear from Bret Michaels so much anymore…

Rikki Rockett’s cancer battle | 0:18
His own health issues | 0:59
Charity case | 2:09
He’s designed a line of pet gear | 2:41
Laying down the law | 3:29
He’s concentrating on being a dad | 4:02
He’s off camping | 4:28