Details that Only Real Harry Potter Fans Understand

The Harry Potter books and films have been combed through by everyone who wished they’d gotten a Hogwart’s acceptance letter on their 11th birthdays. But there are some details in the movies that only die-hard Potter fans could really pluck out. Here are some Harry Potter Easter eggs that only bona fide members of Dumbledore’s Army would’ve caught…

Snape’s coded message | 0:19
So much seven | 1:32
Deathly Hallows everywhere | 2:13
Trelawney’s prophecies | 3:09
The chocolate frog bookend | 4:38
Voldemort was in Hogwarts the whole time | 5:28
Dial 6-2-4-4-2 for magic | 6:14
Hedwig’s theme | 6:50
Aberforth’s bar | 7:17
Opening at the close | 8:00
Is this all in Harry’s head? | 8:44