Deadpool´s Superpowers

Everybody knows Deadpool has a mutant healing factor. That’s kind of his thing. It’s no secret that he’s aware he’s a fictional character, either — breaking the fourth wall is what set Deadpool apart from all those other grizzled, bulky, pouch-wearing ’90s tough guys, and made him into the wise-cracking antihero he is today. But the Marvel Universe is lousy with mutants that can heal themselves — besides Deadpool there’s Wolverine, Sabretooth, Mystique, and X-23, just to name a few — and Wade Wilson needed more if he was ever going to get ahead. Thankfully, Deadpool has plenty of other tricks up his sleeve. Here are a few…

Master of disguise | 0:31
Teleportation | 1:22
Hard to get drunk | 2:00
Superhuman strength | 2:52
Cursed to be immortal | 3:59
Resistant to psychic attacks | 4:48