Counterpunch 2017: “The Struggle, Glory and Science” on Netflix

Boxing is as old as humanity; its our primal way of resolving issues and “boxing existed as early as 1500 BC”, this might be why Netflix knows people are going to love the new feature documentary on this ancient and still strong combat game. Counterpunch the new feature documentary by Netflix narrates the story of a group of boxing athletes, a sharp jab at the viewers senses on the glory and the struggle and even some of the science of boxing. It sometimes makes you wonder, if we all learned to settle our problems with a civilized round of boxing, would we have a nicer society? *(boxing history source:

What’s really striking about this documentary is that information on it is really scarce, to the point where we got curious enough to find this piece on Director Jay Bulger, on a QA Film Forum:

The synopsis of Counterpunch by Netflix:

“Discipline, sweat, heartbreak and triumph are all on full display in director Jay Bulger’s look into the world of boxing. Despite the odds, these young boxers are determined to make a name for themselves alongside the sport’s most remembered and revered champions. With an unflinching look at the pain and pride needed to achieve greatness, CounterPunch will surely knock you out.”

Check out this interesting and complete documentary on boxing. Soon on Netflix by June 16. Premiere June 15 on The Los Angeles Film Festival.

Now on some history of Boxing
The first appearances of boxing come from a Sumerian relief in Iraq, from the 3rd millennium. Later appearances appear on Mesopotamians Nations of Assyria and Babylonia. In Ancient Greece boxing was a enjoyed and well-developed sport. The participants used leather thong around their hands to protect them, boxers fought until one of them could no longer continue because the game did not have rounds.  Source:

Boxing is held on rings, but it is not any round shaped at all. So let me tell you where this term came from. History says that many years ago spectators would surround both boxers in a circle like a shape. Well, this human ring did not work very good at all because you know people got hurt is just too close to the boxers. In order to that, they created a square structure with posts and rope to have a distance between the players and spectators.

Boxing match A

Training to be a boxer as we all must imagine is not easy and added to that after a fight most of what we have worked so hard will be gone. Even though we can find some magnificent boxers that have held at least a 100 boxing matches just to name one we have Len Wickwar who fought 467 matches and during a 19th year period which is more than one per month. For our surprise, he won at least 70% of his fights. Source: Watch the video below of the top 10 greatest boxers of all times.

The sport consists of two people wearing gloves and throwing punches to each other for an established time inside a boxing ring. Boxing is supervised by a referee over the rounds that consist on intervals of one to three minutes. The results of the combat are called out when one of the opponents is completely deemed incapable of continuing by a referee or the judges of the scoreboards decide who wins and who loses. In case both participants get the same score the fight is considered a draw.