There is something tremendously powerful about this scene. “You are killing the spirit that this institution proclaims it instills.” And yes, it seems the world of confort is revealing its inevitable consequences, and a need for “Balls” has become evident. Social values, like leadership and honor seem to be performed “flawlessly” except that they are empty immitiations of the real thing, calculated optimal behaviors we have been “taught”. Where is the space for spontaneous acts based on principle?

In an era where information and misinformation are indistinguishable, where the political agenda of power seems to censor or promote the “spontaneous” success of people, depending on their political stance, we are faced with one important opportunity: Balls. (or ovaries, yes, there probably more example of bravery in single mothers than in any other human grouping).

To face uncertainty, we are blessed with something superior, a sense of good and bad. A consciousness, a set of primar values we have inherited from our ancestors, from the true builders of our current civilization. And its is time, like this blind character, to be guided not by what we see, but by what we know from the inside. By what is fair, and true, and honorable, and right. It is time to face our own sense of right and wrong. Our own capacity to have faith in the positive outcomes of our convictions. A time to trust our character, to allow it to come forth, to permit it to shed light on the true nature of humanity, not one of cowardice and pretty vicious trickery and “hacking the system” but one that celebrates, honores and can’t deny the awesome power of virtues:

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