Alien Unanswered Questions: Covenant

Alien: Covenant promised to explore the mysterious and goopy lineage of the xenomorph species that we all know and love. But in many cases, it just left the entire Alien franchise open to even more questions. Let’s burrow into Covenant, stick our ovipositors down its throat, and see how many answers are still waiting to hatch. And, of course, spoilers are hatching beyond this point. So cover your face, okay?

Who are the Engineers? | 0:24
Why did David kill the Engineers? | 1:10
What did the goo do? | 2:05
Why was the Engineers’ planet lifeless? | 2:39
What’s up with those spores? | 3:23
Is David the xenomorph whisperer? | 4:46
Is Walter still alive? | 5:25