Freedom is for the free.  Its a state of mind and the mind is a state of cognition, fed by information. PASMOV stands for Permanent Acquisition and Sorting of Media Optimized for Value. It aims to curate and find great media and categorize it, in such a way that it creates an experience that enriches the website visitor’s life by sharing useful and/or mind-opening knowledge.

The smart use money, but as a means to create value, rather than the value of money as itself. There is a sense of realization and happiness when creating things that help the rest have better lives. The value of sustainability vs growth. ( Recognizing a current systemic dependency on growth). The focus on efficiency and improvement rather than artificial economic gain. Its an idea that requires a painful recognition of our current reality vs what the media tells us. It’s a curiosity that feeds on the faith of a better reality. A vision that can only come from within, a separator between true man, and the reptilian-like primate that evolved to exploit others. It’s also a line in the sand and a decision. Disengage means of adaptation that go against the principle of love. Empower your consumer’s voice, empower your labor voice. Seek your bread and butter by doing things you feel proud of, and once you’re covered, once the fear of poverty and hunger is overcome, focus on contemplating life and having fun!

When you look at needs, and you optimize to reduce your needs, thus having your ability to live with less, that means to compete for less for money and focus more on living, your experience of life has a huge shift in perspective, and you truly discover the hidden world of the non-working, the mothers, the children, the old. All with fascinating things to say. And also all bearers of a great fear, proof that you can’t ignore poverty, as very few of the work-free are debt-free. Debt, the threat of debt, the fear of not having money is a paralyzing thing, a great advocate to bow down to those in power and claim some money. A psychological Drug that makes you addicted to cash, and all the warm feelings it means to your source of insecurity. And while we are at it, what else is there that is similar in these addictive tools? Like a fucking tie, a useless garment except for the irrational expectation of the group pushing for the individual to adapt to the group. An individual feels more secure if he wears a tie where a tie is expected by the group, And what is mass marketing if not the unique series of group(Fake media) – Individual( Genetically Dispositioned to Follow the Group) relationships that tell people what to wear, how to live, and to disengage those that don’t comply with it. If you are poor, stay away, if you are sick, stay away. A very punitive and demanding sense of group expectations is always following the mediatic individual. And media, at some point in the last 10 years has surpassed some kind of tipping point, a situation where we have disconnected from reality and given in to the artificial construct of reality, mostly fed by our ever-present screens.

The smart will focus on liberating technology, one that increases our amount of free time, reduces our needs for health care and enhances plain simple health. One that pushes for environments of respect and peace. One that enables us to do what makes us feel good about ourselves, like helping others and creating, sharing, and exploring this wonderful reality while we have access to it.

I believe no human is better or more important than any other human, it is our duty and in our best interest to defend ourselves and love ourselves and also help, with the help of others, to defend those who are being abused by others. Knowledge is the source of power for humans and the more we democratize it, the better. Information is can and is being actively used to manipulate and leverage power (In the form of wealth, Political Influence or brute psychological force via media). This is a project that aims to show a sustainable and growing business that maximizes value and quality of life for its users and its operators.