To find yourself, to find clarity, Shaolin Buddhist master Shi Heng Yi talks bout the 5 hindrances to self-mastery. In his process, he talks about your path in life and how it’s important to recognize some of its traps.

To find clarity, it is important to learn to manage 5 barriers that keep you from getting the clarity that you need to find what it is that makes you happy: Clarity reveals your path.

There are 5 hindrances (barriers) to clarity:

These are powerful temptations that if left unattended, will stop you from your path:

  1. Sensual Desire or Kamacchanda: An external stimulus that generates positive emotions. ( Hearing, listening, tasting, seeing, or feeling). If you pay attention to this, you have lost your track, If the temptation becomes so strong you don´t want to leave, it means you can´t get clarity.
  2. Byapada or Ill will / Aversion: State of the mind that comes from negative emotions. A dislike against an object, a situation, or a person. It means a negative emotional association with the path. It is beat if you let go of this ill will.
  3. Thinamiddha or Dullness / Heaviness: Sloth, dullness of the mind, nonmotivation, lack of energy, and depression. Imprisonment, it is hard to do the physical effort. Break the cell, climb out of the hole. Will power and brutal drive.
  4. Uddhacca or Restlessness: Unable to settle in the present moment, either traveling into the past or worrying about the future. Jumping from one place to the other, like a monkey that can´t stay put in one branch. Judging or rejecting something about the past, worrying about implications in the future, stealing your present time, stealing your “now”.
  5. Vicikiccha or Sceptical Doubt: Indecisiveness, getting lost in thought. Doubts stop you from moving forward.

It is better to stop them before they become strong in you, but if you find yourself trapped, “then let it rain”

The solution is to remember to let it rain:

This describes a 4 step process that allows you to move beyond the previously mentioned barriers:

“To bring value to your life, you need to learn about yourself and master yourself, don´t let the hindrances stop you”. I will be very happy to meet you at the peak.

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