Yondu From Guardians Of The Galaxy Looks So Familiar, Check Out Why!

You keep thinking you have seen this blue guy before, lets tell you, you are right!! The actor behind Guardians of the Galaxy’s alien space pirate Yondu may be obscured by blue makeup and a metallic mohawk. But he’s still pretty familiar-looking to movie and television fans, and for good reason. Michael Rooker is quietly one of the most prolific actors of his generation. Here are just a few roles you might have seen him in before he made his mark on the Marvel Cinematic Universe…

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer | 0:24
Eight Men Out | 0:59
Mississippi Burning | 1:24
Days of Thunder | 2:13
JFK | 2:38
Tombstone | 3:01
Mallrats | 3:28
Slither | 3:52
The Walking Dead | 4:25
The Belko Experiment | 4:55


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