Who are the 10 Worst Mothers of All Time?

Can you really belive there is a video about the top 10 worst mothers of all time? Well, there is. keep on reading and see what these moronic mothers did to be included in this very exclusive créme de la créme of bad motherhood. Warning, this is brutal.
Unfortunately, there are many bad moms in history – but some can be categorized as the worst mothers on the planet. Between Casey Marie Anthony, who waited a month to report her daughter’s death to authorities, Mary Ann Cotton, who likely killed three husbands and 11 of her children, and Susan Smith, who drowned her two young kids by driving her car into a lake, there are more than enough notoriously terrible mothers out there. In honor of Mother’s Day, WatchMojo introduces you to ten famous bad mothers.

00:38 #10: Susan Smith
01:21 #9: Theresa Knorr
02:07 #8: Mary Ann Cotton
02:53 #7: Claire Biggs
04:15 #6: Stacie Parsons
04:15 #5: Casey Marie Anthony
05:02 #4: Belle Gunness
05:43 #3, #2 & #1 ???