The Other Big Ideas of Dr. Michio Kaku

“The people that inspire me are the people that see science is about freedom, liberation, and ideas. Science creates awareness on the people who are not aware.” – Dr. Michi Kaku, a theoretical physicist, almost vibrates when trying to explain the importance of science to man kind. Check out the video.

Michio Kaku is theoretical physicist obsesed with the future and an evangelist of science. Kaku, also professor at The City College of New York also teaches at CUNY Graduate Center. After Authoring several books about physics and related topics, has become somewhat of a pop icon in main stream media, not uncommon for New York Times best seller authors, but quite rare on the matters of Physics of the Impossible (2008), Physics of the Future (2011), and The Future of the Mind (2014). Kaku has hosted several TV specials for the BBC, the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, and the Science Channel. Source:


What is The String Theory? By Edward Witten

Edward Witten tells us a string theory, an attempt we make to make sense to all the phenomena we see in nature in terms of one unified theory, so 20th-century physicists understood reality or as much as we know reality in term of two big theories………..

“Edward Witten (/ˈwɪtən/; born August 26, 1951) is an American theoretical physicist and professor of mathematical physics at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey.

Witten is a researcher in string theory, quantum gravity, supersymmetric quantum field theories, and other areas of mathematical physics.

In addition to his contributions to physics, Witten’s work has significantly impacted pure mathematics.  In 1990 he became the first and so far the only physicist to be awarded a Fields Medal by the International Mathematical Union. In 2004, Time magazine stated that Witten is widely thought to be the world’s smartest living theoretical physicist.” Source: