Why Marvel Won’t Give Moon Knight A Movie

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Because of the explosive popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, people are more aware than ever of the weirder characters from the comic canon. However, there are a few heroes that will likely remain on the bench no matter how big the MCU gets: heroes like Moon Knight. Depending on who’s writing him, he’s either a Batman knockoff or a killer who talks to a moon god—you know, when he’s not already busy talking to his multiple personalities. Despite being so strange, Moon Knight still has a cult following, and his fans have clamored for years to see him appear on the silver screen alongside Captain America and the gang. But, despite the fan love, it’s a pretty safe bet that Marvel won’t make a Moon Knight movie. Here’s why…

Risky religion | 0:40
Redundant | 1:38
Too gimmicky | 2:36
Mental health | 3:08
That outfit | 4:00
Better on TV | 4:43

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