Why Hollywood Won’t Cast Josh Radnor Anymore

How I Met Your Mother star Josh Radnor anchored the CBS sitcom for nine seasons as the unlucky-in-love Ted Mosby, working his way into viewers’ hearts with his adorable smiles, constant optimism, and pretentious pronunciation skills. However, since the hit show ended in 2013, Radnor has been noticeably missing from the limelight. Since so many people loved his character on the series, everyone wants to know why he hasn’t been in any other high-profile projects, so here’s why Hollywood won’t cast Josh Radnor anymore…

MIA at the movies | 0:47
Ted Mosby Eternal | 1:19
Looking for love | 1:43
Tapping it out | 2:29
Tied up behind the lens | 2:53
Dabbling in music | 3:25
Taking the stage | 4:10
A turnaround | 4:30