Why Hollywood Won’t Cast Billy Zane Anymore

From his role as a part of Biff’s gang in multiple Back to the Future movies to wicked Cal in Titanic, Billy Zane was once a reliably dashing presence on screens both big and small. He doesn’t seem to pop up to provide his quirky charm as much anymore, however, and we’ve wondered what he’s been up to recently. Zane has apparently been in over 20 different projects since 2014, and has an army of dedicated fans so why aren’t we actually seeing him? Here’s why you don’t see Billy Zane much anymore…and how that could change…

  1. He’s not a leading man | 0:36
  2. He can’t escape Titanic | 1:22
  3. His TV series are flops | 2:02
  4. He makes his own movies | 3:07
  5. He’s busy selling chicken | 3:38
  6. The return of Billy Zane | 4:52