Whatever Happened To Steve-O?

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Out of all of the guys in the Jackass crew, Steve-O might have been the most unhinged. Forever shirtless so as to show off his increasingly ridiculous tattoos—among other things—Steve-O was the guy you could always count on for the stuff nobody else on the show was willing to do…or would even think of doing. Who else would snort wasabi, walk a tightrope over a gator pit, or allow himself to be flung into the sky inside a portable toilet? No one but Steve-O. But the man born Stephen Glover has matured a little bit—and gotten sober—since the last Jackass movie came out. Here’s what Steve-O’s been up to lately…

Ink it up | 0:41
A cry for help | 1:07
Be like Mike | 2:03
Celebrity feud | 2:45
On the road | 3:40
Close-up | 4:07
Animal lover | 4:28
Still Wild | 5:30

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