Whatever Happened To Steve From Blue’s Clues?

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Blue’s Clues star Steve Burns was pretty much every late ’90s kid’s pretend best friend as he took them on colorful new mysteries around the house and outside with his trusty pooch pal. The show, which centered on Steve and his dog Blue making an interactive adventure of even the simplest things like checking the mail, ranked right up there with popular contemporaries like Barney, the Teletubbies, and Winnie the Pooh. So, when Steve suddenly disappeared from the hit program and was replaced at the height of its popularity, the rumor mill went haywire, even going so far as to declare the young show host had died to explain his unexpected departure. Luckily, Steve is still alive and well … even though his former fans might not be able to spot him walking around town. What he’s been up to since taking his leave of the small screen might just surprise you. Here’s what’s become of former Blue’s Clues star Steve Burns…

Exit signs | 0:52
Still alive | 1:46
Making art | 2:33
Free time | 4:00

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