What The Cast Of The Mighty Ducks Looks Like Today

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The Mighty Ducks might never have made it to the screen if weren’t for Wayne Gretzky’s trade to the LA Kings in 1988, a move that sparked an increased interest in ice hockey throughout Los Angeles — and didn’t go unnoticed by Hollywood execs. Steven Brill’s script about a down-and-out lawyer taking over a useless pee-wee team was picked up by Disney, and the Mouse House quickly set about preparing sequels after the box office success of the 1992 original. Coach Gordon Bombay and his ragtag roster of players triple-deked their way into pop culture history. But you can’t play pee-wee forever, and Bombay’s ducklings are now all grown up — and not all of them found Hollywood success after leaving the nest…

Emilio Estevez | 0:48
Joshua Jackson | 1:23
Elden Henson | 1:58
Shaun Weiss | 2:46
Matt Doherty | 3:33
Garette Henson | 3:57
Danny Tamberelli | 4:30
Jussie Smollett | 5:07
Vincent Larusso | 5:39
Brandon Adams | 6:09
Marguerite Moreau | 6:44
J.D. Daniels | 7:29
Aaron Schwartz | 7:59

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