What The Cast Of Sucker Punch Looks Like Today

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In 2011, Zack Snyder’s stylish, violent Sucker Punch hit theaters and introduced audiences to a cast of butt-stomping young ladies in leather. With a steampunk sensibility, a complex fantasy-inside-a-dream narrative, and memorable performances from a cast of up-and-comers, it was one of the most unique films of the year — even if critics kinda hated it. But what happened to Babydoll and all her friends after the cameras stopped rolling? Here’s where they all ended up…

Emily Browning | 0:29
Vanessa Hudgens | 1:22
Abbie Cornish | 2:02
Jena Malone | 2:50
Jamie Chung | 3:44
Carla Gugino | 4:16
Oscar Isaac | 4:49
Jon Hamm | 5:35
Scott Glenn | 6:30

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