What The Cast Of Smallville Looks Like Today

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When Smallville ended in 2011, it felt like we were all ready to move on to bigger things. Superman and all his friends had once again become big-screen heroes, and the CW was gearing up for a new age of superhero shows like Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. Even the cast of Smallville seemed poised for bulletproof careers outside the borders of their little town in Kansas. Now that the hit show’s been off the air for more than half a decade—yes, really—let’s take a look at where some of the biggest stars of Smallville are now…

Tom Welling | 0:31
Allison Mack | 1:15
Kristin Kreuk | 1:40
Michael Rosenbaum | 2:14
John Glover | 2:58
Erica Durance | 3:30
Annette O’Toole | 4:10
John Schneider | 4:40
Justin Hartley | 5:00
Cassidy Freeman | 5:40
Aaron Ashmore | 6:07

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