What is viral gastroenteritis?

Gastroenteritis disease is characterized by the appearance of vomits, nausea, diarrhea and consequently, this will turn into dehydration. All these symptoms come from a stomach virus. Many types of virus can do this effect including actino virus, sapa virus, rota virus, Noro virus and the astro virus. All of this one are capable of causing gastroenteritis.

One important thing is to know when it is a bacterial or viral infection. The signs are if diarrhea is watery then it is virus infection but if it is bloody then it is a bacterial infection. Bacterial infections are accompanied by more fevers than viral infections but symptoms vary from person to person so we can not expect to always have bloody diarrhea in a bacterial infection.

Transmission of gastroenteritis comes either from oral or fecal transmission if someone infected goes to the bathroom and does not wash his or her hands will, of course, have some of the viri on its hands and then goes and touches food or water and you go to drink then the virus is inside your body. The bacteria or virus will go into your digestive system and……… watch the video and find more what happens with this disease.