What is Philosophy? ( An simple but entertaining assortment of great summaries).

It beings as an intellectual movement in ancient Greece that strives to learn more, to know more than social convention allowed back then. Today’s conventions are also a vail on truth. As behavioral economics teaches us, we are not logical by nature, we are prone to get erroneous ideas about the world that surrounds us. Philosophy then searches to learn how to learn. As something that helps us gain truth and reality. This would eventually lead to the scientific method. It means love of wisdom, and implicitly a search for truth. Also early on the use for philosophers are your general clear thinkers was widely spread, like a consultant so to speak. Philosophy has seemed to be reduced to entertainment and academia.

As science emerged fro philosophy, philosophy still remains at the spearpoint of exploration of reality, of truth. It is now the main tool to ask some of the biggest questions we have.

There are three big layers in Philosophy:

  • Metaphysics, that studies the nature of reality. ( And is more and is becoming quite relevant to Theoretical Physics).
  • Epistemology, the branch that studies the nature of knowledge.
  • Values:
    • Ethics: The bran of philosophy that studies and evaluate human conduct and if things are good or bad.
    • Aesthetics: The branch of philosophy that studies the nature of beauty.

Philosophy, in the end, is a way to make to keep track some of the more lower layered meta-structures of our existence. Like the foundations of a house, philosophy builds from real abstractions of reality constructing cognitive meta-structures of how we understand things, creating the platforms on which science and art flourish.

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