What do You Know about Your Body?

Our body is complex as well as fascinating it keeps us moving and thinking, meanwhile it digests our food. It is stronger than we think, our skin will not rip when we stretch every day, our body is a magnificent machine. Watch the video and read amazing facts about our body. You won’t believe what it is capable of!

The Brain
While you may feel that as you get older, you get wiser, the truth is that we actually lose our intelligence as we age. By the age of eighteen, the brain stops growing, but it never gets a break. On average, an adult human loses more than 1,000 brain cells, every single day which adds up over the years.
Our brain is being used continuously, even while sleeping or watching TV. As you sleep, your brain works overtime to rebuild its ability to function at full power during the day, all while producing REM dreams to keep you entertained (or scared).
Your brain actually works hardest first thing in the morning right when you wake up, quickly putting all the pieces together for your normal daytime functions to run at their best. In fact, the brain is working so hard that while you are groggily reaching for your cup of coffee, it is building up enough electricity to power a small light bulb. Just like the light bulb symbol we use to represent a great idea, ta da! The brain uses 20% of all the blood and oxygen in your body throughout your lifetime to run at peak efficiency, however it only takes up 2% of your total weight. And while it may sound scary that we’re losing 1,000 brain cells per 24 hours, the brain can still hold 1 quadrillion, that’s 1 million billion, separate bits of long term memory information.
What is the largest organ? Believe it or not, it’s your skin. Yes, the same casing that protects your liver, heart, and kidney’s is one and the same. Your most exposed organ is so big that there’s enough skin on the average adult man to cover twenty square feet. The average female is not far behind with 17 square feet. There’s so much skin that it makes up 12% of your total body weight. And it’s constantly changing, constantly renewing and removing the old skin. Think of it like a living carpet. Every few seconds your skin regenerates and replaces over 45,000 cells and sheds over 600,000 particles every single hour. Most of the dust under our beds is actually our very own skin. And skin is actually to thank for body odor, due to a bacteria on it that creates the smell when it mixes with our sweat. Our sweat itself is odorless. Scars remain due to the underlying collagen not being replaced even with the consistent change on top.
Body Heat
The body needs to stay warm to keep us alive, but that temperature and where it’s regulated fluctuates constantly. On average, normal body heat is known to be around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, give or take a degree, but you also produce heat from daily activities: exercising, sweating, exhaling, digesting food, and even urinating. That extra energy and heat produced puts out a temperature that is actually so high it’s enough to boil a half gallon of water in thirty minutes. This makes your body the perfect example of the laws of thermodynamics. Emotions also have a say on your body temperature. Happiness warms your body up the most, while depression cools you way down. All the other emotions in between cause a different pattern of heat in your torso and extremities. Speaking of in between! A man’s testicles actually hang between to keep them cool, because sperm would die at the regular body temperature.
The Heart
The actual heart looks a lot less romantic than the ones we get on Valentine’s Day, but the reality of just how much it does is incredible. In one year a heart beats 40 million times, which for a long, healthy life equals over 2 billion pumps. This is all at a normal, resting heart rate. The average for both men and women is 2.6 billion heartbeats, but that number increases depending on how much and how often you exercise. That equals to quite a bit of blood pulsing through your veins, enough to make even the bravest of us pass out. So much blood it would take drinking 4 cups of water every day for four months to equal the same amount of blood your heart pumps through your body every single hour. In your lifetime you will have pumped enough blood through your body to fill a dozen oil super tankers. That’s 200 train tank cars. Or 15 million barrels. So, a lot. Why is so much blood needed for one body? Well, one adult body is host to 100,000 miles of blood vessels, so one blood cell has quite a long way to travel. Every single day the heart creates enough energy to drive a truck 20 miles. Do ever listen to music and realize you are tapping your fingers or your toes to the beat? Your heart does the same thing. Your heart beat will actually change and mimic the music you are listening to.