What Conspirancy Theories are Proven True?

Conspirancy theories proven true, just like asbestos discovered to be cancer causing and still today companies keep producing this natural mineral compound that has the ability to cause a series of respiratory diseases.

Heart Attack Gun
In 1975, after certain activities were revealed by the Watergate affair, the Church Committee uncovered that the CIA had violated its charter to only gather intelligence. Who knew that they are specifically forbidden from directly eliminating anyone in the performance of espionage and intelligence-gathering. Because I didn’t. The Church Committee is the common term that Refers to the US Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities. They uncovered Assassinations against leaders and revolutionaries all over the world and even declassified a “Heart Attack Gun”. The Agency had made the gun to eliminate people without being detected. It fires bullets made of ice brushed with shellfish toxin. This Toxin will induce a heart attack and the bullet will melt, making it seem like the person died of natural causes. We still don’t know who exactly may have been eliminated with this gun.
The hearings, although recorded in full in the congressional record, the mainstream media, and official policies, is Still largely not taught in American schools. Probably because they don’t want to scare the children…

Asbestos is a Natural mineral compound used as padding, insulation, and fire retardation. It was well known by the 1900s that asbestos was extremely dangerous to be around and caused all kinds of respiratory diseases, including cancer. Between 1930 and 1960, Manufacturers did all they could to cover up the truth and destroy the reputations of doctors and medical authorities who said otherwise. Johns-Manville Corp. was labeled “The greatest corporate mass-eliminator in history”. American workers had, in fact, sued the Johns Manville company as far back as 1932, but it was not until 1962 that epidemiologists finally established beyond any doubt what company bosses had known for a long time – Asbestos causes cancer. Victims testified in numerous cases that their lives had been shattered by working for the world’s biggest asbestos product producer without ever being told of the dangers they faced. Many of the companies filed for bankruptcy so they could escape responsibility. Today, asbestos is still legally produced and used in the United States.

The Gulf Of Tonkin Incident
For years, the United States had been Providing aid to South Vietnam and France to fight the Communist rebels in the North. While not involved in the conflict outright, the US had been sending over military advisors and ships. By 1964 South Vietnam was under the control of rebel groups and newly elected president Lyndon B. Johnson was a great deal of pressure to intervene, but he just didn’t have the political ammunition to make a move. This all changed when American Destroyer Maddox claimed it was attacked off the coast of Vietnam while minding its own business. A couple of days later, Johnson claimed there was another attack against US Destroyers by hostile vessels and that it was now necessary to “Take all necessary measures in support of freedom and in defense of peace”.
Over the next couple of days after the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, the Johnson administration asserted to Congress that the destroyers had been on routine patrol in international waters. As a result of these attacks, Congress passed the ‘Gulf of Tonkin Resolution’, which allowed the President to assist any Southeast Asian country against the onslaught of communist ideas, and formed the legal basis for commencing full military operations against North Vietnam.
In reality, The destroyers were on an espionage mission in waters claimed by North Vietnam. And while the Johnson administration also described the two attacks as unprovoked, it never disclosed the covert U.S.-backed raids taking place. Declassified documents showed that the Maddox was the first to fire warning shots during the initial event as opposed to the Vietnamese boats as was originally claimed. The biggest lie is that the Second attack never occurred at all. Instead, it’s believed that the crewmembers of the Maddox mistook their own sonar’s pings off the rudder for North Vietnamese torpedoes. The enemy was Referred to as ‘Tonkin Ghosts’ or false radar images. President Johnson himself apparently said in 1965 that, “For all I know, our Navy was shooting at whales out there” in a clear case of information manipulation to justify a political agenda.